Different yarns and covers are used for different applications, but what they all have in common is exceptional strength and superior hydraulic performance, ease of storage and transport, rapid installation and retrieval, cost-effective set-up and operation, and long service life.


Water transfer

- Groundwater Abstraction

- Mine Dewatering & Land Stabilisation

- Landfill Leachate Extraction

- Desalination Plants

- Onshore Oil and Gas Exploration

- Industrial Wastewater Transfer

- Hydrofracking Operations

- Potable Water Delivery

- Emergency Water Supply

- Agricultural Irrigation

- Sludge and Slurry Disposal

Fuel & chemical transfer

- Military Operations
- Refineries and Chemical Plants

- Industrial Plants

- Pollution Control and Clean-Up
- Marine and Offshore Supply


Angus Flexible Pipelines has a wealth of experience in long-distance rapid deployment and retrieval of of layflat pipelines. This experience is now being extensively utilised in the rapidly developing hydro fracking industry, where methane gas is extracted from deep level shale formations.

Large quantities of water are required for the fracking process, and trucking in fleets of road tankers is not only environmentally unsound, but expensive as well. The use of flexible hose can drastically reduce, or eliminate altogether, the emissions and environmental impact of trucks, and reduce the risk of accidental injuries to oil & gas personnel.

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